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A day in Delhi...

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Hello all! This is a very quick post as I don't have much time.
Helen and I arrived safely after a 24hour journey and have
had a fantastic day in Delhi. It's quite cold here,
but not as chilly as England! As expected it's been eye-opening,
but nowhere near as scary or intimidating as we thought it might
be. The Indians are typically friendly, and funny. Our tour guide
told us yesterday he has two terrorists in his house,... he meant
his children! He also said not to go to a certain district he pointed
out, as it's very dangerous, he was talking about the tax offices!
Our tour company seem to be excellent, although we are sat here
waiting for a late driver! Still, traffic is bad in Delhi and they are far
more laid back than us. I was once told in Egypt "English time is very
serious time"! Ha ha.
We're travelling to Jaipur today and have the whole day there
tomorrow so looking forwad to that. Oh, and the food has been
amaaaazing!!!! :)
Right, best be off in case he comes, so hope all's well with all of you
and I'll post again soon, hopefully with pics.
Love Mel xxx

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Nearly time to go!

Ticket, money, passport darling!

5 °C

Right, that's it, I'm off!! No really, I am.

Aaah, I think I've forgotten everything!!

Oh well, I'll just have to stand and look around my room for a bit longer
until I find what I need (Leanne will understand this!). Hee hee.
Actually I am a bit more organised than I sound, I just hate that bit, just
before you leave when you are convinced all the important things have
jumped out of your bag and run off to hide!

Thanks for all your good lucks/advice etc etc. My taxi is at 3pm so Ill
sign off now. Well, have a fab 6 months everyone.

Love Mel xxx

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Packing, organising and celebrating

Five days to go til I fly away!

2 °C

Well, hello everyone.

This is my first entry of my first ever blog! I have never done this before so please bear with me.
It's Sunday and I have exactly five days until I fly. I'm getting soooo excited now! Living my dream is finally becoming
a reality.
I had a fab day and night yesterday with friends and family: eating, playing in the park, supping tea and eating cake,
chatting, getting a bit tipsy, more eating, dancing and generally having a right good giggle. Finished with a 4am kebab
on West St. Classy. :o)
I said quite a few emotional goodbyes, but I only really see them as 'ta ta for now's, as I'll be back in what I'm sure
will feel like no time at all. Will miss everyone loads though.
I'm wondering what I'm going to see, who I'm going to meet, and what daily events will unfold on my adventure. Also,
how I'll feel in six months time, about everything on my return. The unknowns are sometimes a bit scary, but mainly
just so exciting and intriguing. I feel so lucky to be doing this.

Right, that's enough for now. Laters! x

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